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About us

We are a consulting firm with years of experience helping businesses and clients find success. We do it analyzing strategies, using proprietary software, and applying market trends at certain and precise moments to accomplish the best results. We focus in certain aspects of the modern world that we know that need a person like you. Our specialties are in 4 very interrelated focuses: Franchising, Franchising to Immigrate to the US, Investing to Immigrate to the US, or Buying a business.

At the Station

We have throughout the years acquired a huge network of professionals that work as well as us towards the same goal. We know that a person or company alone has a limited amount of resources so we work with the best in each field to obtain the best results for you. 


As the business goes, we are professionals that not only have experience and knowledge in our areas but also have experienced and gone through the same processes that you are looking to go through.


Contact us for a free consultation and lets work together to have a successful relationship.


We have helped clients from more than 10 countries with different backgrounds. We have the tools and direct contacts to accomplish the best results for you even with off the market opportunities.

Business Meeting

Fernando Roiter

Managing Partner


Sarah T.

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Valerie S.

Research and Analysis Director

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